If a person has never been liked by anyone of the opposite sex (same if they're gay) after a certain age, does it mean they're unattractive?

Is it safe to label or assume it must be because they're unattractive? I've never been liked by a girl or had a girl show interest in me ever and I'm almost 30. Confidence and game can only take you so far, but there are guys who actually can't get a girl to like them even if they're confident. Looks is still a big factor. I mean I've stayed fit (not buff though), dressed fine, good hygiene, etc and approached girls the same way as other guys did with success confidently in the past yet none of the girls ever showed interest. I never felt like I was unattractive though but since girls never made me feel like I was attractive, does that mean I'm automatically unattractive? I'm not looking to date anymore but I'm still not sure if that makes a person unattractive or not. So is every person who has always been ignored by the opposite sex or same sex if they are gay automatically unattractive? What do you think?

So every important question I ask on here is going to have only 1 or 2 answers now? Really GAG?


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  • No. It could just be location.
    A friend of mine is a gorgeous dark skinned woman and she's had trouble finding attention from the opposite sex in her area. Of course, she grew up in a racist southern town. Doesn't mean she's unattractive (because good lord she isn't) just means she came up in an area of shitheads.

    • Then again, you may be saying that cause you're her friend. Guys are way less picky about a girl's race and skin color than girls. Even in racist areas, no matter what race a girl is, she'll find at least decent amount of guys interested in her if she really is as attractive as you say.

    • The lack of answers from people suggests that people like us are automatically unattractive I guess :/

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  • Maybe you are ugly or short, or a combination of both. here's a tip if you are ugly. Stop going for hot/above average girls. What is with men and whining about no female attraction but they refuse to ask a less attractive girld out on a date? You're not getting jessica alba when your face looks like a shoe.

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    • I never went to your profile, but now that I did I think your average, not ugly... but you are on the short side so that's not helping you.

      I think you got it in your head that you've seen other people jump leagues that you can too. I think it's harder for men to settle with an uglier girl than it is for an women since men are so visiual and put so much into having that "trophy wife". You can compare because when a women is rich and successful she finds an equally successful and rich man, but when a man is rich he finds a young hot piece of ass to put on his arm.

      You don't have to go for an ugly girl, but go for an average girl, plane Jane type. You might get better responses.

    • Majority of the girls who I've approached were average by society's standards. It doesn't help that many average girls are also approached by good looking guys. Girls can expect to date guys out of their leagues but guys can't date girls out of their leagues unless the guy is rich. There are many good looking guys who approach average girls and even below avg girls just for sex so that increases their standards. And the reason why rich women want rich men because guys making money has always been an attractive trait for women. Many rich men have average and even below average looking women. A friend of mine who's rich is considered really good looking by girls but has a girl who everyone considers to be below average yet she's his girlfriend. Plus if all goes well, I'll be a doctor soon and I'll do business on the side so chances are good that I'll be well off financially hopefully yet I still chose to stay single forever because I don't want a girl to date me just because I'm rich.

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