Would it look weird if a guy epilated his legs and arms?

Girls now like very less to NO hair on the male torso , so being a very very hairy guy I have invested in an epilator ( electric machines which rips off the hair from roots) . I am planning to surely use it on my chest, and , shoulders and upper arms.

But I was wondering what if I use it on arms whole of the body including my arms, legs and thighs and get silky hairfree everywhere.

What say fellow GaGgers?


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  • i love a hairy torso. soft skin is for women not men. my boyfriend would shave his chest and once i told him i hated it, he stopped. i say just keep it trimmed (depending on how much you actually have). and see if the girl likes it or not. just know epilating is fucking painful

    • You might love somewhat dusting of hair on the torso, but mine has a whole freaking forest of hair , and the hair is pretty coarse and dense.
      So trimming would make it prickly and uncomfortable to me and also to the girl.
      Now no one would like a forest on her man's torso!

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    • i hope you figure what to do :/ i say embrace it though

    • Thanks, its hard to accept , but I have no other better choice either :/

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  • Id rather have at least a little hair on arms and legs but i dont care about the rest

    • Why? I have a while forest if left to grow :(

    • well I don't mind if you kinda lightly shave over it but I don't like when it's bare.

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  • I used to when I was on swim teams

    • Wow girls loved it and found it sexy?
      You yourself felt Nice?

    • It was purely for competitive purpose

  • I shave my legs ankle to thigh every week and my arms too. My girlfriend loves the smoothness.

    • Wow, I appreciate that :)
      Why don't you shave thighs?

    • I do, I shave them all the way up and my backside. I keep my body hair to a minimum.

  • I personally like being hair and anyone who has been with me never complained about it. My girlfriend likes me the way I am and actually runs her hands through my body hair

    • Cool. How much hair do you have esp on the upper body? I have a whole forest :o

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    • @Asker what is awesome? If you talking about seeing my pic then it is already up.

    • Okay sae it now, and dur you are not so hairy ad I thought and as much as I am. Seriously dude you have a little gjt dusting of hair only. And tbh even the smooth male lover ladies won't dislike your level of hairs.
      Lucky you.

  • cool