I don't get why I'm so insecure?

so yeah whenever I look in the mirror some days I think I look pretty good and other days I feel like I'm hideous, but I guess that's normal... But whenever I'm with my friends I feel like I'm always the ugly one in our group, it gets even worse when someone takes an unexpected picture of me... I always look so ugly and I really want to be confident and feel attractive.

But wherever I go I get a lot of attention from guys, like when starting a new job guys start crushing on me, or now I'm in college about 20 guys have crushes on me... But somehow this doesn't affect me and I still feel ugly.

My entire childhood I've been bullied for being ugly, so I guess that's where I got it from, but I don't know how to get rid of it.

Like how can I figure out what I look like? because I always look waaaay different in pictures than I do in the mirror?


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  • I believe everyone feels insecure at times so what you should concentrate on is increasing your self confidence. Start to like yourself more, it makes you feel better which leads to more confidence and you feel even more better, it is like an upward moving bar.


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  • I struggle with that too. Just pray for the good moments to come back. In the time being, until they come back, think about what you can do to improve as to where they'll come back more often.


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  • Take a picture with the back camera in the mirror.
    I have tried this and looked so different compared to a picture taken with the front camera, like it was another person. @.@
    But the mirror pic is more accurate in my opinion.

  • Girl I feel you 100% I live this EVERY day. But I still dont know what to do. The only thing I do is to go the mirror and find what I think is ugly. If I dont find anything then my confidence comes back 😛