Rate this girl, on a scale of 1-10 please?

Please rate this girl in the videos. Purely looks based. I know some guys go on here and call absolutely everyone a 10, in not interested in you. If you actually think she's a 10 then go for it but no spammers. This isn't me so no flattery just honesty only please.


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  • she s clearly beautiful but I can t give a fair judgment cause first it's black and white and 2nd she s wearing too much makeup and looks like she s trying too hard.

    • A persons facial structure doesn't change because its black and white.

    • yea but still skin quality, eye color, hair color etc...
      and makeup, eyebrows etc are extremely on point.
      I am not saying she ain t pretty... she looks a 10 here but I don t know how she ll look in rl without all that.

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