Kpop girl series #3 How beautiful do you think this girl is?

She's one of the very few girls in Kpop that was sightly above super skinny until recently at least.

Kpop girl series #3 How beautiful do you think this girl is ?

  • I don't find Asian women attractive in general/see results
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  • She's quite pretty but not a fan of kpop

    • No problem ;) I should have put that option in earlier so the results are more accurate.

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    • So you think i should cut the option out again? for next time? :)

    • Nah. This poll is fine!

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  • She's cute

    • Yep. Are you gonna be a frequent visitor? :) I got a request for the next one so I'm probably gonna post it in the evening. Overall I have 15-16 on my list that I made for the youtube video but I got a request that's no on the list too (I'll add those at the end). But if people get annoyed I'll stop ;)

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    • I know I get those too. I had to block and report a guy for talking shit about Natives. People are stupid.

  • Meh typical looking

    • So harsh ;( Maybe I just think she's prettier because she's cute. Cuteness is my kryptonite I've noticed.

  • I don't like this type of girls, they are like cats in heat.

    • Haha it's just a performance I don't think you should draw too many conclusions from it about her. The choreography is not done by the girls it's all done by the entertainment company. The girls just practise dancing and singing for years and then they perform all the time.

    • sorry. they look like cats in heat * then :))

  • She's pretty but...

    Why is she showing the world her butt?

    • In Korea the social norms are different. Showing cleavage or even shoulders is considered cheap and inapropriate but legs are totally fine. Kpop idols can wear whatever they want whenever they're performing though because it's considered like a uniform. Why is she wearing short pants? Looks have always been part of the criteria to be a Kpop idol but in the ast few years the trend has gone more towards sexy concepts so this is just part of that. I don't think this would even be considered that provocative because like I said legs are not considered as sexy as in the west or something. I'm not a expert at all I just saw some youtube videos that talked about this difference. Anyway there's still a wide variety of groups and they all have their own style so you can check them out and see which ones you like ;). What's the problem with butt showing anyway? :P

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