What is wrong with me?

I see many girls staring at me in school (they look at me first sometimes like when i turn my head around i can see someone staring) but the girls never approach nor talk to me.. Maybe im too ugly? I have no problem with approaching girls, i can talk to any girl but i dont want to do it when no one actually likes me and im not that shy. I may seem like i am but trust me, i am not lol
I dont hate myself, i think i look good but the girls make me feel a little insecure inside

And i know that these kind of questions are posted daily but 99% of them are from 20+ yo guys. Im 14 by the way


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What Girls Said 1

  • Most likely nothing is wrong with you. Maybe you should try talking to girls outside of your school? Maybe try asking girls out you like? We like it when you are straight forward with it. No waiting games. We also like playing hard to get, so go along with it. There probably is a girl that likes you, she's like your bestfriend. She loves talking with you, you guys have inside jokes. So watch out for that.

    • Its easier said than done, gurl. I dont think anyone is playing games with me (like the touching talking flirting etc) i think the problem is that i dont know what to talk about around girls

    • Tell them you like their shoes. Complement them, tell them you like their outfit. Don't compliment their smile or something they were born with, well you can. But start with things they own first. If you compliment their eyes first they may think its a bit weird.

What Guys Said 2

  • What you describe is a very common experience for 14 year olds - A lot of guys and girls your age feel the same way, they are getting used to how they feel about the opposite sex, how should they interact with them etc - There are very few that master it so young so if I was you, I wouldn't worry, allow it to evolve naturally and see what happens. 99.9% of your schoolmates are in same boat.

  • Relax