ANNOYED at all these kiss a** dudes who give too high of rates?

Honesty you would swear most of these dude have never seen a girl before. Get a grip. Lying to people isn't going to help. Installing people with your idea of false confidence is STUPID. there's only like 3 guys on here who give honest rates. Honestly. If a girl isn't pretty she gets rated 5-6. and if a girl is just basic/plain she get's 8-9. Or comments like "ZOMG SO HOT WOWOWOWOWOW BETTER THAN ADRIANA LIMA WOW". Get. Off. It. Pathetic wastes of space.

And if you're a girl and you aren;t as pretty as the girls at school, who gives a shit. The girl i was most in love with and would take back in a heart beat if she would have me was a 5 and i've been with genuine 8's. Character, humour, connection is far more seductive than pouty lips and big eyes.


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    • I don't rate girls at all, especially if I don't find them pretty. I don't really see what the point is of beeing a dick. One part of beeing attractive is also confidence and if you destroy that what's the point? Maybe someobody else actually thinks she's pretty. But I do think it's funny how harshly celbrities get judged in comparison to users it's kinda unfair :).

    • @Lynx122 true different people find different things attractive. Like me and my best friend, guys I find ugly she finds hot and vice versa. But realistically, a 1 isn't anybodies 10, but people will pretend it is.
      As for the celebs, it's probably because so many of them literally only look ok because of the money they have for stylists, amazing make up artists and ridiculously talented hairstylists. When they don't have all that, and you see their before pics, many are actually uglier than a lot of every day girls. That's also why i tell ugly girls not to worry too though, and all they need to do is fix the overall image and not worry about facial features too much.

    • LMFAO!!!

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  • Well I've always been honest.
    For one I will point out that this is not a question but a rant.
    If you want to rant write a myTake.

    Secondly GAG is filled with mostly people that are very insecure so they come here to get a confidence boost. Is it right? Of course not. Giving someone false confidence is the worst thing you could possibly do. By telling a 4/10 that she's an 8/10 it gets her to not try as hard and develop a whole list of standards that men wouldn't even bother meeting since she is not worth that effort.

    Lastly there are a lot of pussified males on her.


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  • I think the real question here is why do you care so much when it doesn't effect you at all

    • Sorry the truth bothers you.

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    • It's not up to you what im passionate about. Have that be people putting too much stress on looks or lying. That is my pejorative. It's not for you to say what can make me upset. My life is shitty, just like yours is.

    • My life isn't that bad actually. Have a nice life.

  • The question here is... why do you even care? Everyone has there own opinions. What is beautiful to one might be ugly to others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I've seen people do that. I try to be as objective as possible.

  • someone *finally* thinks the same as me... (this is just what i *THINK* from a lot of what i've seen before) maybe its cause if guys give their honest opinion they get bashed for it. like people (mostly girls) start getting butt-hurt, even if they aren't the ones being criticized, and start calling the guys assholes and bitches.
    what i don't get about this though, is that the girls don't beat around the bush when judging the guys, and then if a guy tries to defend the person (like girls do w/ other girls) that guy gets hate.

  • Thats nice. Now did you actualy have a question?

    • Yes. Why is it so hard for people to be honest?

    • Maybe they are being honest. Its their personal opinion, looks are subjective...

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  • I agree with ya, brother. We have high standards and we're quick to let a chick know when she doesn't meet those standards :)

  • Yeah and another thing the girls aren't as gracious when rating the boys. They don't mince words or beat around the bush like they expect guys to when rating their appearance!

  • u seem mad

    • Im just passionate lmao