Girls, when you witness a handsome man, what do you do, what reactions, what goes through your head?


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  • "Wow he's gorgeous!" *Gets googly eyed*

  • My reaction is to immediately look away. I do my best to not give off the vibe that I find him attractive and feel intimidated. It's really hard, trust me.

    • really look away? girls do a good job of not letting males catch them lol. i want to know so bad what girls find me attractive and what girls dont, u make it harder lololol jk

    • If that is you in the pic, then you're definitely attractive to me. I am shy, so that is why I wouldn't want a guy knowing I find him attractive. But for non-shy women, I would say they would generally smile, make eye contact, and look extra perky. Good luck!

    • that is me on the pic, and you are very cute, so if we were to see each other you would turn away :( that would make me sad , its weird but i think most girls are like you, shy, but i dont find it a turn off, i actually like shy girls, the only problem its hard knowing which one finds me attractive.

  • Glance and look away no eye contact or else he would notice me looking. I feel shy nervous and intimidated.

    • hahaha i think most girls are shy, i actually find shy girls attractive, the only problem how will i know which girl finds me attractive and which does not, you are making it harder lolololololol jk

    • Yes it is hard to tell if a shy girl likes you but it's also hard for us to tell if a guy likes us too especially an attractive one lol. But usually if a shy girl likes you she will probably glance at you a lot or stare at you when you're not looking. Another way to tell is when you two come face to face she will most likely blush and look down to avoid eye contact or quickly just look at you and look away Or if you come near her she would quickly get all quiet and stuff and not talk cuz she's intimidated. If you want a shy girl to like you just keep glancing at her she will probably get it and if she likes you back get a friend to go on the lookout to see if she Staring at you when you're not looking. Once that starts happening go in and make the move cuz she obviously won't lol or just cut to the chase and go talk to her chances are she prob likes you back. Lol I hope this helped a little

    • hahaha good opinion, i get you completely,