Does this actress have a really small face or does the actor have a huge face?

doesn't this guy have an average to small skull size based on these pics with normal people?
Does this actress have a really small face or does the actor have a huge face?

especially the next one, doesn't it show he has the skull size of an average caucasian woman? (she was miss universe)

So if this is the case, would that mean this actress has a really tiny head :O, i know its a dumb question but i am really baffled lol

this one is with another actor who also by the way appears to have a small head oweing to being 5'6''

  • She has a small head for sure
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  • The actress has a gigantic head
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  • This is the dumbest thing in the history of GAG, please fuck off
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please vote, its for my school project, and also consider the actress is only about 5'3''


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  • Why the fuck does it matter.

    • i always knew indians are a little smaller than their caucasian counterparts, but we are sooooo much smaller is rather surprising lol, i mean that guy has an above average skull for an indian and it is the size of a caucasian woman which rather baffles me and if u think the lady (miss world megan young) has a big face here she is with other people
      so this means, damn, we are unfairly tiny people, us south Asians and i am just trying to confirm that thats all

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    • Go ahead...

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  • The only thing I can think of is that they say the camera adds 10 lbs so these actors/actresses probably keep their weight very low so there is not much fat around the face.

    • That rule is for shitty cameras

  • She has a small head for sure

  • On average, hollywood actors are short with big heads.

    Not even joking.

    • this is a bollywood actors, and believe it or not the guy is actually 5'11'' (above average height) with a big head for an indian. I measured my head circumference at 56 cm and the average caucasian guy is 57 cm and my head is actually average to big here lol and i am 5'10.5''. I have seen men my height with legit under 50 cm skulls

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    • look at peyton manning for instance and that ferrell guy already has a massive breezeblock of a head lol

    • and look at this, liam hemsworth is 6'3'' and has a big head but in proportion to his height, here is josh hutcherson almost a foot shorter and has a bigger one lol

      ur right, many hollywood actors have huge heads and are short