Indians What is it like to be woman lawyer in india?

Its really important. Please tell me What is it like to be woman lawyer in india?


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  • as others have said you will have lots of cases, so you run out of work but you must keep in mind that Indian Justice system is usually very slow, there are cases which are still open from past 20 years. Plus you need to study a lot to become a lawyer in India. also, you need to be an Indian citizen to practice law, and India doesn't allow Dual citizenship. What it means is you need to relinquish your German citizenship and acquire Indian citizenship which is even more lengthy process. As for your question, it's great for women lawyers in India. Everyone will receive you warmly... anyways all the best.


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  • Oh come on. It great to be a lawyer in India. I'm going to become a lawyer too & let me tell you, after medical and bank jobs, it is the most pursued occupation in India by girls (according to what I've seen irl).

    You'll have fun and there are millions of pending cases which will give you opportunities to work.

    Good luck :)

    • Thank you so much! Well I live in Germany but I really want to live in there so thats why i asked this question 😊 I hope indians would love me as much as i love them :)

    • Sure thing :) Hope you'll easily find good accommodations as well.

    • Thank you again 😊

  • if u r going to become a woman lawyer in india then it's going to be a great and memorable experience for u!! In India we got millions of pending cases... which means u'll never run out of work!! which is a really good thing!!
    and let me tell u, once u step in our India u would not feel any different from ur home germany!!
    people here are very good and caring too except those 10% ;-) ...

    • It sounds great! I'm really in love with India and someone says it's not a good idea cause they don't like women lawyers. 😟 actually I didn't believe them and my dad says India is perfect for me! I'm a law student and now I'm learning Hindi. I hope indians would like me 😊Thanks for reply 😊

    • this kind of thinking that indians don't like woman lawyers were in 1990's but now it's not!!
      well, i wish u best of luck for hindi ( mine is very poor).. ;-)
      ur welcome!! :-)

    • since you learning Hindi, can you tell me if it's easy or tough

  • it would be nice and prestigious, but you need to do your degree from a prestigious one, otherwise it's no use.

  • india womans are beatiful

  • It's the same as it is with other professions. Now women are there in every field and doing great :)

    • Really? Your reply made me really happy 😊Thanks for opinion 😊

  • its very wonderful thing I would say :)

    • so r u a lawyer in India or wanted to be

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    • Im coming in next yearπŸ˜„ wait for me πŸ˜„

    • yeah I will wait until I would help you out about us :))

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