Hair looks bad?

My mom has very short hair, and it's balding as we speak but she doesn't care. She just puts a wig over it. And calls it a day. When I was ten I stopped getting perms. She told me that kinky hair is ugly and straight hair is better. And kept trying to perm my hair until my older sister told her to stop. And told her to stop saying bad things about my hair. So my mom says I can't style my hair anymore because my hair is still kinky and ugly. So I let her style my hair for a week after my weave came out. So after she styled my hair for a week- my hair is very rough had I can't even get combs though it. I know she's my mom but after she styles my hair it becomes harder, comb can't go though it. When I did my hair I could get a comb though it but after she does for a week it seems impossible. my older sister told me to not let mom touch my hair anymore. Or just said don't let your mom near it. She says it needs to be washed but my mom says I'm not allowed to wash my hair at all. Even if it gets a little wet it's bad. She says my hair needs to go a few months without water. And I can't style my hair. So I don't know what to do but I don't want my mom touching my hair anymore. I just feel like my hair would be better off if she never touched it. But she says I style my hair poorly and says at the same time says it'll look bad either way because kinky hair is ugly. She stopped talking like this because my older sister came back but I still I'm not allowed to wash my hair but my older sister wants it to be washed. I don't know what to do..

  • Screw what everyone else says about your hair and don't let your mom touch it.
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  • Let your mom do your hair again
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  • Your body and your health. Mom might be slightly jealous

  • There is nothing wrong with kinky hair.


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  • It's your hair, not hers, and I'm sure it looks beautiful the way it is. It's too bad your mom feels the way she does, but don't let it affect your feelings about your own hair or how you treat it. I think if your mom wasn't being so emotionally affected by her own hair issues, she would probably see more clearly and she'd be upset to see how she is making you feel.