Girls, what kind of facial hair you prefer on a man?

Allright y'all! What do you ladies prefer a man to have a beard, stubble or no facial hair in his face? What is the most alluring and sexiest on a man? 😋😘

  • Beard
    18% (7)
  • Stubble
    18% (7)
  • Light stubble
    21% (8)
  • No facial hair (shaven)
    41% (16)
  • Goatee?
    2% (1)
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So far clean shaven on front
Looks like the ladies dig the shaven man more


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    I don't know why but the mutton chop look works on me lol

    My boyfriend pulls off the look, I think, quite well. But I might be extremely biased.

    It's not a good picture of him, but it is of his fuzzy face :D He's celebrating his win.

    Yup. He's a cutie. And I like the fuzz. So whatever it is he has... I like it.

    • Oh I see, I tried that look in the past it look alright in me, wow he's a swimmer! For college team or what?

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    • Yeah that's my fave look for the rugged quality that it brings to mah face and it makes me feel manly. when I'm clean shaven I look like a little boy lol people have said.

    • Lol I get it

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