Which is more hot?

They are Turkish boys, which is more hot first or second?which is more hot?


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  • is just me or these turkish people are trying to push themselves up there way too much lately? are you looking for validation or something? i really dont know what you guys are looking for, they are attractive but most turkish people dont even look like that so its not like this guy represents the entire country...

    • firslty i m not turkish secondly u r only biased

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    • bb? whats bb? and even if you're not turkish you're acting as bad as them , every nation has good looking people, these turkish people are probably european and not turkish at all they're greatly mixed with all these countries around them , they're not pure turks so you can't truly start throwing around the word turkish like that.

    • yes my English fucking bad and yalla

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  • Welllllpppp I guess I'm about to go book this trip real damn quick and get lost in translation in Istanbul cause GOTTTT DAMNNN*Trey songz voice* first of all, all of them just made me drop my draw's soooo it doesn't matter. Esp the second and last oneπŸ˜™πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


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