How do I look in this?

Yes there's a filter but it doesn't change much. . out of okay and average and handsome... wich one? People do call me handsome.. I don't know why Tho. ..How do I look in this?????????


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  • You're ok based on that picture.

    • What do u mean

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    • I don't know what my good-looks have anything to do with my opinion?

    • To me it does.. you know that I never had a compliment from a good looking girl looll. .. I don't know why Tho..

  • You are definitely handsome. I hope you can really see that soon.

    • Haha thank you... I know this is a stupid question because people should really get self esteem and confidence on the selves but I do these stuff just to get my mind off things.. coz I don't do anything.. I have mental illnesses

What Guys Said 1

  • You look like a guy who cares too much about the way he looks.
    Other then that you are good looking.

    • Bro. .. I have mental illnesses and I pretty much have no life... I do these stuff just to get my mind off stuff.. but thanks for your answer

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    • I like your attitude don't worry. .. I will try, it is harder to do... thanks for the time :)

    • No problem brother