Do female pornstars lie about their hip size?

Do female pornstars lie about their hip size?

While seaching for memes I saw the above picture. Couldn't help but post it. She's hot.

But I've seen some pornstars and seen their measurements and their hip size says a lot more than what it looks like in their pictures. Some very small, so so butt female pornstars claim to have huge hip sizes.

Anyone else notice this or nah?

I've noticed people gripe about male pornstar penis size all the time. Not much gripe over hip size. Boob size for sure though.


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  • I think it's hit or miss, a lot of websites post girls measurements and don't update them when the girl get butt implants so that will affect the hip measurement. I've met Nicki Minaj and they say here hips measure 45" and I will agree with that, her ass is amazing! I don't care that it's fake, Nicki got cake! I actually grabbed her hand to twirl her around and she was like "oh god, this is what you came to see huh haha"


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