Girls, do you like it when guys have big butts/stick their butts out without realizing it?

I have this issue where I will stick my butt out and I don't even realize it. It's not like I bend or anything, it is my butt will just be more noticable when I stand/sit. My shirt will sometimes not be covering my bum, so it is very noticable. When i sit down at my desk at school, my butt will "pop out" a bit which I don't like. However, I did notice a few times these girls were laughing and staring at my butt, what does that mean? My butt is very large and is one of my insecurities. I often wear sweatpants so it is easily shown. Do girls find that attractive?


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  • no i like mens shoulders

  • If they laugh, it's just because the butt is a more common place to store fat for women than men, so they think it's unusual. A guy having a large butt can be unattractive, but I have seen at least one guy who was a little overweight and had some fat in his butt but I thought he was teddy-bear like and I actually had a crush on him. So it's not a completely bad thing.