How do I look now?

I've been at the gym for 10
months now and I've only started to notice a change in the last 4 months, the pic on the left was last year and the pic on the right is now, how do you guys and girls think I look now?
How do I look now?


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  • You look healthier (you were too thin on the left) and stronger! You look good. Kudos for putting in the effort

    • Thank you so much I've been pushing myself over these last 4/5 months

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    • Omg thank you and I know I'm trying my best I've got goals to achieve and haters to motivate me to get there even more

    • That's right!:)


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  • I think you should workout hard
    Cause according to 10 months that's not a good improvement :P

    • I've only started to take it serious the last 4 months give me a break

  • well dude, you do look a bit bigger, your arms and chest mostly
    but man if youve been going for 10 months you should have gained a bit more mass. what is your goal? trying to get bigger? look cut or bulky? It also depends on how good your diet is

    • I want to get a lot bigger, I've only started to take it seriously these past 4/5 months my diet is not bad

  • How?

    Much older than 17 bro... like 24-25...