How do I look? Am I decent looking? Rate me?

Ok so I posted a question being anonymous and gag removed my question
So here we go again!

How do I look? Am I decent looking? Rate me?

  • 1-4 below average 😢
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  • 5 - average ☺
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  • 6-7 - above average (decent/Handsome) 😊
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  • 7-8 preety good looking 😘
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  • 9-10 really hot 😍
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  • U look a lot like manish paul

    • Lol actually I think I look better than him

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    • Hahaha. Girls are chutiya too. They love weird shit... Seriously don't know whats up with the girls more a days.. Lol

      Yes I know he must week build.. That's kind thing that girls love..
      I am starting to work out more Now Lol

    • nah its not about working out here, he is naturally a big guy, he probably has like 7.5'' wrists, ur an average indian, urs will probably be around 6.5, mines almost 7'' and i am slightly bigger than people around me though thats average to small among caucasians. And what ur calling weird shit is the hottest thing to women these days, no kidding, look at the chaps they are all over, best example i can think of is zayn malik, he was nothing when he was younger, but after growing his hair out he was a heartthrob, keep that shitty facial hairstyle, it will get you pussy and checked at the airports


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