How do I look? I just like to know if I look good or not? Post your views please?

How do i look ? I just like to know if i look good or not ? Post your views please ?
Please let me !

  • cute
    44% (7)23% (3)34% (10)Vote
  • ugly
    50% (8)46% (6)48% (14)Vote
  • handsome
    6% (1)31% (4)18% (5)Vote
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  • Good luck getting answers from girls here. Girls on this site usually only answer if the guys asking are white regarding their looks. I hope I'm wrong here but you're not ugly though. You should definitely work out and get in shape though.

    • Racism right?
      Why are people like that?

    • Not racism, no. Western girls are generally not attracted to Indian guys. Unless the Indian guys are really light skinned, tall, rich, or muscular, they're not gonna find an Indian guy attractive.

  • You look like any normal human being.

  • You look good bro no need to worry ! stay blessed i like ur hair style