Girls, feminine guy or manly?

so i was just wondering, if cute guys (feminine) are like the most or hot (manly) and do i look feminine or manly? cause in some photos i look cute and in some photos i look like 18 and all that.

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  • You have a wrong definition of cute and feminine looking guys... Feminine guys aren't cute.. Feminine guys are the ones that have long hair ( like girls ) , puts make up on, and stuff.. That is basically sick not cute 😶 now CUTE GUYS can be hot as well! For example, my boyfriend, sometimes I say he's hot, and sometimes I say he is cute.. The cute part, when I say it, its because he did something or said something adorable, but at the same time HE is hot , don't know if u get what I mean 😂 and cute guys may have a baby-Face thats why they could be cute.. But not feminine... Anyways, I can't see your pic clearly since I'm on the mobile, but I think since you are still 15 then you have the cute face more ( NOT FEMININE) .. When you get older that can change

  • Feminine men are more gender queer. Like behave gay friends who wear wigs and make up so the fat e looks female but body is male that is feminine.

  • Cute isn't feminime. A hot guy maybe has feminime inside too, and cute means never boring to look.