Do better looking guys usually have smaller mouth and lips?

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Do better looking guys usually have smaller mouth and lips?

Tbh, i always thought having those gigantic lips was what made a man handsome and tbh, always been depressed about having a small mouth with medium lips. I'll be honest, i might be coping here for my insecurity but still a lot of guys considered hot to women seem to have small mouths too, but then there are these chaps too with big mouths.

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and yeah, chico's got it perfect, neither big nor small
and is it just me or do nick, zayn, marcello and siddharth all have the same bone structure, like scrolling down i realized they all look kinda similar lol


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  • Its not about a small mouth, it's about symmetry.

    • so i have the symmetry and proportion, me and pitt would be nose and lip twins lol its not even like something i ever noticed or anyone told me, just a new obsession in a jobless life

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    • but why so? i mean he looked good, but he did have a weirdly small mouth i think, i dont know


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  • Depends on the guy's face really, but some nice big lips always catch my attention lol

  • Hardly any of these guys are attractive. The lips on the second guy are hideous, and you don't have any pictures of really large lips. You know, those big puffy lips that are super thick? Yeah. Those. They're also hideous. These are normal, but not all of them have the right proportion.

    • Nick bateman, brad pitt, zayn malik, marcello alvarez, siddharth malhotra and tom hardy are not attractive? Then i should kill myself for being a swamp creature

    • The second to last guy is attractive. Given my age, and the fact that I do NOT like celebrities, I don't have any appeal for the others.

    • that is the guy who has put in the least effort on his looks among all of them and he is indian, so many theories disapproved

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