How do I look? Honest opinions please?

How do i look? Honest opinions please?
Wondering if there's hope for me lol


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  • Do you even have to ask?

    You look perfect and you're only 17, wait till you're older. Just don't get fat. Won't work well for you.

    You're very handsome 😘

    • Lol i ask mainly because it dawned on me that I've never had a girlfriend b4 so that made me curious + im actively TRYING to gain weight rn and i can't do it😂 so i think im safe

    • It's not the reason cause you're ugly... cause you're very handsome. It could be your attitude towards the girls you like and also maybe you're picking out girls that are high maintenance who think they're good looking even for Brad Pitt or I don't know... some hot model lol. You're fine where you are, but if you want to look good on the body work out.

    • Yea I've been working out for a few months (since November about) now nd slowly gaining muscle, i shouldve put up progress pics lol

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  • You look very good brother.
    You said you never dated before
    . You know I am not bragging but I get a lot of girls attention in public places. Still never dated in my life.
    It is never the look. It's just because I am a bit stupid and shy and not brave.
    Just don't be asshole like me.

    • Shoot I don't know man, i dont think im mean to people but i am painfully shy nd awkward😂

    • Yes that's a problem.
      I am so afraid of being rejected. and in the same time, girls are so difficult.
      3 girls each in different class, they had an eye on me, in the end they gave up thinking I am still a boy, or gay or stupid. The main reason I will be frank with you, I was afraid of them, shy and awkward.
      In my opinion if you want a girl work for it, your appearance, and go for them.
      me I fear for my dignity more than anything, that I can't do all this headache for them.

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  • Nah, you look good, dude. You're in shape, you have a jawline, and even your squint game is on point.

    Not a fan of the goatee scruff, but maybe your facial hair will come together more as you get older.

  • You look good... that bone structure is amazing...

  • Alpha-ness off the charts!

  • you look good. good face structure esp. the chin and jaw. good eyebrow game.