Why do people say that I have delicate beauty?

I do not wear make up! I wear pretty casual clothes and barely wear dresses to school! Few times I worn a dress to school because of special occasion. Last year in December, while I was talking with this girl at church! She told that I have delicate beauty and that type of beauty is rare. I just wore a nice tank top shirt, braid, and jeans. I told people in my speech class last year, that I had a cool Ford truck and my teacher told me, "You do not look like you own a truck." My sister told me that I have innocent feminine features and that is just delicate. My mom look is very attractive and people mistaken her for someone who is rich. I do not really look refined because when I told one of my Geology classmates that I liked opera and she laughed and said to me, "You do not look like you like opera." I am confused.


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  • It means your features are finely sculpted and classic. It's high praise.


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