Would you date a girl/female like me? Pictures included- do guys even like girls like me?

I normally wouldn't post a question like this. I recently got out of a serious 2 year relationship, and go back and fourth about if I'll find someone again. Ithe was hard to even find my ex. And I'm wondering if guys just don't like girls like me nowadays.
To start off im mexican/Italian/American
I have natural dark brown hair and eyes, I'm on the pale side of the skin, am 5'3, I don't have model body, if anything I have basic childhood scars, faded stretch marks, I don't have the biggest lips or butt but have a decent 38D on my chest, long hair, and I think I have a decent smile, I don't have a wash board ab stomach but I'm not fat, not even really chunky tbh.
Personality wise I have my flare, I like trying new things, I'm told I'm very funny, Im book smart just not street smart, I am very artistic and crafty, I love the outdoors, to laugh, and have goofy or intellectual convos. But I'm not perfect, I am sarcastic at time mostly when mad, and I can be a little snappy, and with certain things, I'm not patient. But I'm forgiving and like to have strong bonds. And try my best to be excepting and not judgmental.
I'm not an "easy girl" if you know what I mean. But I don't believe I have to wait till marriage I've only had one partner in the past. I'm open minded in between the sheets. I'm just not easy tho.
Other then these things I like to read watch horror movies. I listen to all types of music and like the outdoors. I don't play sports I kind of have 2 left feet but I try. I can be out going but I can also be quiet. I come from a family of five I'm the youngest. I like animals, and I'm open mineed
That included I am agnostic, I believe in a higher power but don't believe in committing myself to 1 religon. However I will respect anyone elses.
I want a career in business/art, and have a family one day, I am also very loyal to anyone who is loyal to me.
Would you date a girl like me?<img src="<a href=" alt="Would you da

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  • Image not there, yet you sound like the most adorable and lovable introvert, I'd pick you for sure. Try showing more interest in a guy, he'll notice you more and possibly approach you for dating and a relationship if you are upfront about what you want. There is nothing wrong with who you are, it's just your approach to dating and relationships needs some fine tuning.


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  • Image fail

  • I would definitely date you. You sound just like my type. I'm sorry about your relationship and stuff but you will find someone trust me.

  • no pics and a wall of text of something you'd see on an online dating profile lmao

  • Where's the picture

  • Sure, you sound cool.


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