How embarrassing is it for the sexiest caucasian man ever to be of a smaller stature than the average indian?

Brad pitt in india lol
How embarrassing is it for the sexiest caucasian man ever to be of a smaller stature than the average indian?

And he doesn't even look that great without his high quality pics lol, he has to be extremely overrated, even his acting is not out of the world

  • He is overrated as hell
  • He is hot as fuck
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  • Of the 4 pics, he was only shorter in 2. And even then, just barely.

    Also, it's not embarrassing to be shorter than other men.

    Regardless, I never found him to be "omg! So sexy!", I do feel he's overrated. But I can see why women typically find him attractive. He's personally not my type and I can easily name 10 guys irl non celebrity that are better looking than him. Hell, I can name 10 GaG guys easily better looking than him.

    • he is in front of the camera in all the pics which will obviously make him look taller and i am not talking about his height, he is decent height 5'10-5'11''. Look at how his shoulder width and skull/ face size are both smaller than the average indians out there which is a true representation of size.

    • and do name the 10 lol

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  • He actually looks taller than most those Indians lol

    • its not about height, his skull size and shoulder width are both smaller, and he is 5'10'', i am 5'11'' myself and even i look that tall walking around older generation indians, and yes with a better frame lol

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    • what did i say wrong though? look at the second pic, the guy behind him is a famous actor, he is only 6' tall not more and skinny, his name is irfan khan, you can google him yourself

    • he is that same indian scientist in amazing spiderman and the narrator in life of pi if you remember


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  • I don't find Brad Pitt remotely attractive. And yes I think he is overrated

    • His face is okay like a 7-8/10 in my opinion but nothing extraordinary but i noticed he is already kinda short like 5'9 or 5'10 and narrow to average shouldered compared to the indians in the background and even then his head is kinda small in proportion to his body

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    • cmon, every girl has a sloot in her XD

    • Except my inner slut comes out when I'm around my boyfriend. Then that's another story lol

  • I have never found him attractive to begin with...
    He is overrated af.

    • damn you look so adorable lol

    • and do notice how more guys than girls in the votes seem to find him attractive, shows how so many men are delusional as to what is attractive in their own gender to women. They probably like pitt and clooney because they are closer to looks they can achieve

    • Thanks. 😄
      Not necessarly. I guess this is more like how we girls tend to think that guys only like super models (i. e. Victoria's Secret models), while the truth is that mostly girls find them attractive (exceptions do exist).

  • he's 6'1 to 6'2 from the looks of it

    • Lol he is like 5'10, 5'11 at best, every source says 5'9-5'11 height, people who have met him barefoot say he is in the 5'8-5'9 range, he wears shoes to stand at 5'11-6'. Its not about height though, his height is fine, the size of his skull and shoulders is the same to smaller than indians and they have small body structures. And look at the guy behind him in the second pic, he is 6' tall, google irrfan khan thats him.

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    • So 5'11

    • Yeah there is a picture of him standing next to Claudia.. :)

  • Don't be jelly.

    • i hate ian sommerhalder, joe manganiello, siddharth malhotra, matt bomer and hrithik roshan for looking the way they do, not this guy lol

  • Lol I would say he's hot but not as hell


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  • So much jealousy.

    • you or me? i have no jealously towards him tbh, talk matt bomer or ian sommerhalder r joe manganiello, its a different story

  • I'm sure he's so embarrassed that he hides under his bed and is ashamed of himself.

    • Yeah his money bed lol

  • Those indians around him look like security detail or bodyguards etc, therefore they will be larger than the average person. Brad Pitt is bigger than 99% of Indian guys otherwise. Nice try though.

    • nope, i am as tall as him with maybe wider shoulders (mine are about 21'' wide), he is bigger than 99% indians of the older generation which is people who were kids in 60's and 70's when nutritional standards were way worse here, today's generation he is average. And the policemen in india are nowhere close to big or fit

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    • I've met a few actors and musicians and none of them have a halo effect. You're used to seeing them on screen with the camera pointed at them. They are just people in real life with really good jobs.

    • i have met one actor, he had it and on the contrary he looks ugly on screen but thats probably because he was decently tall, about 6'1'' and had the size of a rugby player, he would halo channing tatum too i guarantee you, his name is arjun kapoor, not a very handsome face but commanding presence for sure

  • so you wanna say you look better than him? prove it by uploading a pic.

    • i do in some pics, in some i dont, its like sometimes i feel i am very handsome sometimes i feel i am the world's ugliest guy lol. But i would say i am a 6 while brad pitt is a 6.5 or 7 to be realistic

    • but on features alone i do believe i would be better looking than pitt if i have his kind of time and money only on my looks because everything is on point with that italian tan skin and deeper set eyes and a better protruding chin and a well defined nose that is neither too big nor too small. I'll tell you people in my mancrush list you actually cannot compare with:
      a. Matt bomer
      b. Ian sommerhalder
      c. Hrithik roshan
      d. Joe manganiello
      e. Siddharth malhotra
      f. Zayn malik
      g. Mark Fitt

    • not even nick bateman, he is also looksmaxed, nearly every heartthrob in my mind i can think of is someone who wouldn't be noticed that much if they werent famous