What do u think of the change in my eye area since a month back and now?

These are my eyes a month back
What do u think of the change in my eye area since a month back and now?

Here's the pic i took today

What i did:
My eyes were very dry and itchy and uneven as well (its the case even now but lesser and i guess with time it will get perfect) and it had been like that for a long time (like since i was 13), since a month back, i have been using eye drops to lubricate my eyes, applying vaseline to my dark circles and upper eyelids with the logic that it would give it less friction and lift it up (i have a feeling that also grew my eyelashes, dunno how) and i have been doing this exercise just 5-10 min a day

Makes me happy to have the almond shape back and i can't believe i actually have the light brown tinge, i swear i never had it, if i did, i would have noticed long back

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  • Only thing that looks different is the camera quality

    • nope, same 5 megapixel camera

    • and i think my eyes are less rounded and the eyelid is not droopy now

    • and i had close to no lashes before

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  • Your first picture is too blurry to show any difference at all.

  • Huehue faggot alert >_>

    • less than you, keep using my ass hair to compensate for your baldness

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    • Lol u know him?

  • I cannot see any substantial change. If you are this concerned you can buy eye lifting creams.

    • damn, i thought my eyes got lighter tbh lol and less uneven

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  • It looks like you took the first pic with a flip phone and the other with an iPhone

    • Both with same phone camera

    • It's weak though only 5mp

  • Hahahaah jesus christ lol there's something seriously wrong with you