Peeps, do my thighs look thin or thick with those pants?

Check profile xD


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  • I wouldn't say thick or thin... I'd say they look slender and sharp. Defiantly proportionate to your body structure. But I also think they look a little 'full' in those sports leggings... almost like you just finished exercising them maybe.

    • Correct I just finished working out xD
      I got 3 different people telling me I look fuller here -_- I thinks it s those pants cause I usually look leaner in rl.

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    • Really awesome. You look like you do more than just life weights. Generally a body build from sports, gymnastics and dancing looks better than just lifting weights. The shape of the muscles develop differently because the strain put of the muscles is different.

      congrads on the medal
      p. s I think the guy behind you is staring at you all kinds lol

    • I don't really lift, I do more cardio. thank you ^^ and no I don t think so lol xD

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