Which girl is the prettiest or are they about the same?

If you think one is prettier say why/why not

Which girl is the prettiest or are they about the same?

The first girl (it's her hair)

the second gal...
(It's her hair too;))

If you don't prefer/aren't attracted to black girls don't bother to reply. Too many people say their ugly unecessarily because of their preference. Anyway here they are 😉👅

  • The first girl is prettier
  • The second girl is prettier
  • They're the same
  • I don't like black girls
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
It's a weird question I know so let me explain...
I'm the first girl and a modeling company contacted me and asked me if I would model for them. I haven't modeled yet so those pics are my selfies. I'm competing with the second girl. She's modeled already (those are her pictures). The first is when she was fifteen, but the second is when she got older.

I have thick skin (you have to as a model) so it doesn't bother me if ya don't think I'm cuter. However i Need some advice to look good


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  • I do like black girls too, but none of them are attractive :/


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  • Umm the second one? She has nice eyes but that's it and she kinda resembles beyonce.

    • Yeah.. I love her eyes too
      I'm mad because my brother has eyes exactly like that and I was this* close to getting them. 😆👅


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  • I think the second girl looks better.

    • Why? (Just out of curiosity). And what would you recommend to either of them to make themselves look better?

  • I like the second

    • Is there anything that the first could do to at least put on a good show for the competition lol.

    • Well the first looks great without makeup. The second has eye catching eyes. Which is why i said second. Both can do good in their own way though.

    • Ok then I guess the competition will have a run for thie r money thanks lol

  • Unfortunately, I think you look plain/average. The second girl has more striking, feminine features. It's not just her eyes (though for some reason many people do tend to put lighter eye colors on a pedestal), it's just her features as a whole are sharper than yours (yet somehow still delicate), and models are supposed to have sharp features.

  • I think you are way prettier than that girl. She is wearing too much makeup you are a natural beauty

  • The second girl

    • Like I said I'm into modeling and I'm the first girl and I'm competing with her. Is there anything I could do to make myself look better?