Rate this lesser known Indian actor out of 10?

I saw this old song video, he is a lesser known actor but I think he is actually pretty good looking and probably one of the few Indian songs actually worth listening to lol

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His name is Dino Morea and he is half Italian apparently lol so u can't be full Indian andbbe good looking EVER


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  • He looks well - Half Italian is interesting, I had a feeling there was something slightly different but couldn't put my finger on it.

  • really? there are guys who are cuter than Dino Morea in Indian film industry. he is just a schmuck compared to them. 😂

    • Siddharth malhotra and hrithik roshan rest all are average

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    • Look at my other question, I asked about Kashmiri politician Omar abdullah xD he is objectively better looking than most Bollywood even Hollywood actors features wise no kidding

    • cool 😂 being a village boy, I'm always partial towards the rough and careless side. girls like me because they says I'm truthful and always open to logic. I don't know, yet I love seeing a sophisticated and fashionable men.