Girls, DO you prefer shaved guys?

Do you prefer all clean shaved body of a guy or you prefer it the average hairiness on guys i. e a bit of chest hair in the middle and a happy trail , bit of forearm hair and some hair on whole legs?

Clean shaved is the current choice i guess.


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  • If your hairy don't shave it, there's a ton of girls out there who LOVE body hair, same can be said for guys with only a little or none at all.

    • How can you say this by so confidence in such bold letters that there are girl who love hairy guys esp if it's very hairy?
      You personally hate it!

    • I know a lot of girls personally who do, and I don't hate it why would you assume that?

    • because lot of hair IS creepy and messy makes the body look dirty icky anyway


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  • Trimmed bits hairy everywhere else. I want a man

    • i am talking about man for sure!!!
      how hairy elsewhere?

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    • Second is awful.

    • Hmmmmm :o
      Started feeling this way with age , or felt the same way as a late teen girl?
      Have any idea what other women around you feel about this?

  • Shave.. except for your beard and some pubic hair down there.. ohh and legs are okay but the chest is a must shave!

    • You like well kept but thick beards?
      Why not be clean shaved in groin?

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    • You can post links here. Lot of hair on arms or legs is OK or its better waxed?

    • Yup thats okay!

  • Very muscular and smooth all over is totally my preference. I love the bodybuilder look.

  • Cleanly shaven, but I'm ok with their legs and arms to have some hair

  • I like hairy arms, legs, shaved chest, happy trail is ok, and trimmed but not totally shaved pubic hair

    • Shave the chest but leave happyy traail won't that look weird! Why not shave belly as well?
      And why not shave groin?

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    • Haha pubic hair is hot! Ya?
      Full natural pube... hot?

    • Nah like trimmed is hott but when it's all gone I find it gross