Can you tell me how do I look?

Thank you for answering, you can be completely honest and even rude, I will be OK with that and even choose you as the best answer if I think you are honest and detailed, no matter how rude you are.

Thank you again.


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  • You look rather handsome, in my opinion.
    Morality and intelligence are not necessarily signs of beauty. Unfortunately, too many people subconsciously associate good-looking people with competency, smartness, and goodness. This is called lookism, a form of discrimination.
    I do not like your hairstyle. It looks weird.

    • Thank you. It´s not actually a hairstyle, it´s just the way I woke up, didn´t want to put too much effort in trying to look good.

      Thanks a lot for answering. Would you mind telling me how old do I look?

    • You look like a young adult.

    • OK then. Thank you.

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  • Third pic looks the best - You look and seem fine to me.

    • That´s the one I like less because I don´t look serious enough xD

      Thanks for answering.


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  • Chinstrap isn't flattering on anyone, except Wolverine. You look like you're in your early 20s. Your hair needs more control.

    • Awesome, I appreciate it. Are you sure the chinstrap part isn´t more about just your taste? And yhea, you guessed my age, I´m 19.

      Thank you for answering.

  • You look like you would be a murderer

  • you'd look a lot better without the beard... (not to be rude). but you look fine

  • there all blurry

    • Yhea, my camera sucks. Thanks for answering anyway.

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    • No but seriously. I really think you will attract MORE people if you trim up your face and hair

    • Yheap, I´ve actually noticed that. With short hair, some girls come to me without effort, with long hair, that rarely happens. I was planning to cut it this weekend. Thank you a lot for your opinion, it has resulted very helpful to me.

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