Any tips for combination skin?

My face is either dry and peely or horribly oily, or oily in some places and dry in others :/ any tips on dealing with this?


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  • If it's bad, you're probably going to have to spot treat which means use specific types of products for the specific parts of your face. Here's a helpful article:
    Make sure you're moisturizing even the oily parts of your face! Your face will overproduce oil to compensate for dry skin if you don't moisturize properly. I also agree with the girl who said face masks. Here's an example youtube video:
    Or you could just buy some from the store... But hey, natural is always better for your skin. I'd recommend finding a hydrating one. Combination skin is hard, I have it, too lol. Good luck.

    • Thanks, really useful ☺️

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  • Facial mask. Egg white mask maybe?

    • not exactly got much experience with facial masks... do I just sort of get some egg white, cover my face and leave it for a couple of hours?

    • Not hours. Maybe like 30 mins at most.

    • ok thanks! :)

  • Buy face wash that is hypoallergenic
    Use astringent
    Buy oil free fash wash and face lotion
    Use oil absorbent face cloths through out the day (you can get those at Walmart)


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