Am I fine on this foto?

Am I fine on this foto?

  • Very ugly
    15% (4)6% (1)12% (5)Vote
  • Ugly
    35% (9)29% (5)33% (14)Vote
  • Standard
    50% (13)53% (9)51% (22)Vote
  • Good
    0% (0)12% (2)4% (2)Vote
  • Sexy
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  • Still not enough or you just like to show your (or whoever this is) face all over the site?


What Girls Said 1

  • I can tell your not bad. But you aren't photogenic. Being good looking and being photogenic are separate things though, so I think you look decent for a 30-35 year old guy. My dad is forty and still looks young and good looking but he can't take a picture for shit so I think your probably like my dad. Good looking for a guy your age, but not very photogenic

    • Thanks really :D
      yes i hate that im not photogenic as most people are :(
      my sister always tell me dont take photo u look weird on photos and photos dont reflect your real face. i'm 30 by the way.

What Guys Said 1

  • You look ok.