Would I look more attractive with shorter hair (I know that most girls don't really like long hair)?

So I've been experimenting with different beard styles and I think it's time to experiment with different hairstyles in trying to find what looks best on me.

here's a photo of me yesterday (trying longish stubble out) - Would I look more attractive with shorter hair (I know that most girls don't really like long hair)?and this is the length/style I prefer my beard to be (so it takes like a month to grow and I trim the cheeks shorter so it fades)

So this is what I've been thinking of doing hair wise -

Do you think I could pull one of these hairstyles off?

lol I know this is lame to ask but I'm sick of not really feeling that appealing or attractive in the eyes of most girls I come across in my everyday.

  • I like your hair as it is...
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  • yeah man cut it like one of those pics and garantee that you'll get more options in the dating world
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  • whether you cut it like one of those pics or a different short hairstyle you'll look better in my opinion...
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I demand more votes!!! lol


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  • I like you're hair as it is tbh, longer hair is nice, but you have a face shape that seems like it would suit both styles, which is pretty lucky! So whatever makes you feel better, you shouldn't have a certain hairstyle for anyone else, if you like it then that should be your main priority!

    • Long hair is such a pain, it's hard to make it look good and so on... and also just the lack of attention on dating sites (bad example but omg is it annoying, I feel like I'm just not even being given a chance).

      But here's the thing - like you said I do have the face type that allows me to do both and you are open minded enough to appreciate long hair and short hair on guys where as not all girls are like that... You'll still find me appealing with short hair but the girls who prefers short only will not find me appealing with long hair. Yeah it sucks and the typical response should be "well screw them" but the longer a guys hair gets it's the equivalent of girls with short hair getting to the point of buzz or being bald.

      Now, how well will most girls fair at getting dates if she had a buzz-cut or was completely bald?

    • Yeah, I have long hair too, it's such a pain! I know, it's annoying when people are like that, but there will always be someone who will like you for you, I think that changing your image to feel more confident in attracting the opposite sex is great, but only if you like these changes too, doing it solely for someone else is pointless. If a girl had a buzz-cut then she would definitely attract less guys, I agree with that since it's not traditionally attractive, but there will definitely be people who like that about her, having confidence in yourself and your style can attract people the most, maybe not a lot of people, but the ones that you want to be accosted with will! getting rid of individuality is never good, but like I said, with your hair personally, I think you'll look great with either one! plus, like another girl said, your hair isn't extremely long, it's sort of mid-length, but maybe changing it up every once in a while would be a nice change, see if you like it :)

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  • Don't let the long hair haters get to you. GaG is full of them, but you should keep your mane. As a guy who once had hair nearly to his waist (and about the same length as yours now, maybe a few more inches), you may get your dating options limited - less so at shoulder length - but you weed out all the superficial bitches who expect you to alter your appearance for them. Long hair is awesome and you shouldn't trade it away for something so petty. Might I remind you that it takes much longer to grow back than it does to cut. 15 min. versus 1-2 years or more. Think about it before you do anything rash.

    • It's not the response that I'm getting online that bugs me it's the zero dates in since the summer of last year that has me all torn up.

      I did lose my mojo because of somethings that happened last year but I might switch it up because of how I feel about it... I'm just trying to reinforce that desire for change in hopes things will.

      Also it's not like I'm considering a buzz cut just a shaggy slick back in the photos (especially the last one that's about a half a years worth of growth or more - and most guys have there hair cut not even a 3rd that length).

    • Fair enough. The best thing to do if you want to cut it is to reduce length gradually instead of chopping it all off, which is what you plan to do. You may find it slightly harder to get dates with long hair (some girls think it means you're not "responsible" or "professional") but the dates you do get will be higher quality, at least in my opinion. The girls that do like long hair are usually really enthusiastic about it, whereas short hair is pretty standard and probably won't affect your game much either way. I haven't been on a date in a couple years myself, but I've come to enjoy the peace and quiet, haha.

    • Thanks for MH!


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  • Yep. I still say cut it. Yeah, wow, I can imagine you and you'll look very different. Hmm, I guess I'm personally not a fan of long hair unless it's really long and can be tied up nice/into braids etc.

    • most likely going to do it already in the next week or so after how awful online dating went (deleted one account, erased another app from my phone because I was getting frustrated with the results).

      But I'm pretty certain option B & C are going to be way higher than option A...

    • also I'm sick of the maintenance, what's the point if it's doing me a disservice appearance-wise for attracting women - that's extra effort for nothing.

      Just like in music, I'm sick of doing things too weird and far-out there wondering why nothing is working out, sometimes you need to simplify to make things work. I don't know why I'm always trying to swim upstream and fighting the current lol is there even anything worthwhile up there? is it better and would I like it more than down stream? ... I don't know, maybe I should float down to see.

  • Long hair is hot and I wouldn't even consider your hair to be that long. I think it looks good but if you want to try new hairstyles go for it! It's only hair, it will grow back

  • I like it how it is

  • Love your hair as it is. Very sexy :)

  • I like it as is! I rarely do "mainstream" things with my own hair and I'm attracted to people who look different and not so cookie cutter. The short hair cuts look good too though, you'll look good whether you do it or not.

    • the people on this site are pretty split when it comes to this... but why am I getting passed over on dating sites, it's driving me insane... am I not worth a date?

      Like wtf.

    • I don't know maybe the people on the sites don't have good taste? Lol

  • I love guys with long hair, I'd keep it as is :)

  • You have a very attractive face so you will look good in short hair more than long one.


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  • I think you will look good with short hair.