Want to know your frame size for real? Wrists and all count but this is accurate, measure the distance between your nipples, not trolling?

It gives an idea of your ribcage width, what is it for you? Also state your height and weight

Just take a ruler across the nipples (the protruding part, not the sides)

I'll tell mine after a few responses otherwise everyone is going to e-state accordingly.

It's mainly aimed at men, but hey, no judgement if ur a woman and want to try it out

@Polocrew, @ConsultantIsBack
Or u can measure your bideltoid width too, stand against a wall, preferably have someone mark the 2 ends of your Delta but u can do it yourself too just stand straight without lat spread and arms relaxed and measure the distance in between


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  • I don't know but I know my reach is 68 inches.

    • Are u short or are your hands really small?

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    • Yeah you're right. He made up for it with everything else though. His punching power was ridiculous. Lol

    • he was 70 inches so just an inch over his wingspan like you and urs is normal then, its small if its smaller than ur height, those people are usually too narrow shouldered and have small hands


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