How do I look? Never ever done one of these, bonus points what race/ nationality do I look like?

Curious I'm not as good looking as a couple years ago. Still think I'm a catch with the personality and crazy humor factored in that is lol just check out my profile pic

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And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
My hair is starting to thin out so I imagine that would affect the results a little aha lol


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  • You look cute
    I'm going to say Canadian because of your profile info


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  • You look good, but personally I would put more effort in endurance training, e. g. running, swimming. You will look even better.

    I guess you would look southern european.

    • @Nomatterwhere can't do the running gig as every time the next day my knee aches like a mother f'er I damaged the cartilage or tendon last year. Swimming however I love and have been getting back into it.


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  • You are cute and you look like you come from Germany.

    • Scottish ancestry and viking on the one side the other is a mystery so it's possible

    • I should have guessed that. Because if by "Viking" you mean the Normandy warriors that invaded Scotland.. me too! Wait.. it's a loose connection. From Wikipedia: The Normans were descended from Vikings who were given feudal overlordship of areas in northern France—the Duchy of Normandy—in the 10th century. .. wow.. we are practically family!. lol kidding

  • You look very attractive!


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