Help me with my balding:) (19)?

Hello ladies and gents! I have some amazing genetics and am losing hair at the young age of 19! (wootwoot right?)

I don't wish to fight the balding by using products and other methods that I will have to use for the rest of my life and I want to gracefully accept it while (hopefully) maintaining some level of attractiveness.

A few quick things about me:

I am VERY skinny, 130lbs with mostly muscle and non-existent fat

I have always had long hair that I was known for and now I am a bit self conscious about my hair loss

I have a beautiful girlfriend that I love but I am worried about how my hairloss will affect our relationship

SO, how can I look decent bald and do you think I have the ability to pull off the bald look? If you want to throw in your own experience, PLEASE DO I WILL GLADLY LISTEN

That is me in my profile picture, I am pull back my hair to give you a relative idea of what I am going to look like without hair:) Thank you for all your help GaGers!

*pulling back my hair, typo's make me sad


Most Helpful Girl

  • well dear listen, my boyfriend has a very attractive face but he just has very thin hair from the front, he looks terribly sexy when he puts an ice cap or a cap on, so most of the times he does, it didn't look that good without the cap when he still left the hair on the sides on, but after he had it all shaved, he looks way better now, so you have to shave it, nothing supper extreme, just leave the baby roots visible and sometimes put on a cap or an ice cap if you want to feel sexier, dont go so hard on yourself, it is out of your hand


Most Helpful Guy

  • Unlucky that some guy I know started losing his at 16 that's just unfortunate.


What Girls Said 2

  • You could shave it off just think Bruce Willis rocks the look 👍🏻 why not you?

  • Wow grow some balls and stop being prissy about your hair loss, there are cancer victims bald and you don't hear them complaining. Shut the hell up little bitch. For real. EVERYONE LOSES HAIR. STUPID


What Guys Said 1

  • That's life man... The best advice I can give you is to shave your head... just shave it... don't be that guy holding on to the last wisps of hair... It'll take time to get used to it... but you will eventually.