Why am I the most different Korean American man that I've seen?

It seems that I am the most different Korean American of all time. Most Asians are all about grades and I'm not necessarily the best student. I hated school because of bullies. And also, most Asians are the happy, smiley type. Not me, I rarely smile. Most Asians are the model minority, not me, since I am quite rebellious and a rocker at heart.

Most Asians are short, I tower over most men of all races at 6'2" tall. Most Asian men prefer Asian women, not me. I only prefer white women, I think that since Asian women love white men so much, why can't I go for white women? Most Asian men are into pop, hip hop, and house music, not me. I love heavy metal and industrial music.

Most Koreans eat Korean food. I don't like Korean food, I eat a lot of hamburgers, fries, fried chicken, pizza, steak, chicken wings, baby back ribs, etc.

Most Asians dress formally, not me. I'm usually dressed as a goth or a metal rocker. Most Asian men have short hair and even though I was forced to cut my hair for job interviews, I'm growing it back out, as I like my hair long. Most Asians aren't into LaVeyan Satanism and I am, since I don't believe in God and think that the far-right Christians are too bigoted.

Most Asians hang out with other Asians, not me. I hang out with mostly whites and Latinos. Most Asians are into cute and happy stuff, not me. I only love hatred, darkness, and despair, like slasher horrors, goth films, and martial arts flicks (Star Trek is the only non-dark thing that I like). Most Asian men are stereotyped as feminine and sexless. I love aggressive things, as I enjoy fighting and going into the mosh pit. I get bruised and battered all the time when I'm in there, but I like the pain.

What do you think? Why am I the most different Korean American man out there? I love the disgusting and sacrilegious and I hate cute and happy things. I hate school and love being a rebel, though I am working on becoming a cyber security professional, instead of the usual pre-med.


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  • You say it yourself, you like being a rebel and hence like being different.
    I've always been different from others, too, and after hating myself for it for a long time I've finally learned to embrace it.
    Nothing worse than the boring mainstream if you ask me!

    • Seriously though, most Asian Americans are straight-laced, and I am not. I am a nice guy, but I love dark, angry, and aggressive things.

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    • Neither of those are the majority.

    • *thankfully!

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  • Well, you got yourself analyzed for sure lol

    Nothing wrong with being different, and original. It's okay setting yourself apart from the rest and explore your own individuality. Everyone has their own potential and as long as you are a critical thinker and embrace your own interests, you'll get to use it.

    However, you seem to be a bit too aware of it, and there seems to be a concious part of you that "rebels" just because your tastes are different from the others and there seems to be certain hate/dislike to what others are into. You do your thing, and let others do theirs, even of you don't agree with it. People will respect you no matter how different you are/feel like as long as you show respect to them, simple as that. Take it easy man 👍

    • Hail Satan!

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    • @HookingSwan Well, it just seems that I noticed that most Korean Americans aren't like me. Most of them are dedicated students and I do believe in hard work, but being studious isn't really my thing. And a lot of them smile and like happy things, while I'm on the edgy side and love things with hatred, darkness, and despair.

    • @asker

      ok then

      sorry if my judgement was off

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  • well, my answer is, of course not all people will be the same...

    Have nothing more to say but this

  • To me this comes off like u are trying to say u r better than most Asian people cos u r more white. It is heavy on the racist stereotypes and special snowflake syndrome.

  • I'm korean too, but I think you're overgeneralizing. Koreans aren't just a type of person. We're not all happy and dress formally and whatnot. You're different, yes. But everyone is different. I don't think you're rebelling, I think that you're just doing you. I honestly don't know how you got such generalized opinions of korean-americans..

    • A lot of Korean Americans are religious, while I'm practically the only Satan-lover that I know of that heritage.

  • so ur an American satanist? lol...

    • LaVeyan Satanist. I don't think that Satan exists, but I use his name to defile the evil Christianity that those bigots preach.

  • didn't read anything you said.
    All Asian men are oppa.
    -spreads legs-

    • Well, I'm not that oppa person. I am a rocker and a rebel. Praise be to Lord Satan.

  • Don't compare yourself to other Korean American men. Everyone is different, everyone has their unique qualities. You do you!

    • A lot of Korean Americans are pretty religious, and I'm not. I actually like Satan better than God, since I don't think that He exists and the Christians these days are ignorant.

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