Why does my opinion of my looks change day to day?

by the way I'm not gay or anything, I just like being clean and presentable. Some days I look in the mirror and I'm always trying to fix something. My hair isn't the way I want it, my shirt looks weird, my face isn't doing what I want. Things like that. I guess it has something to do with mood / confidence? Because some days I look in the mirror and love what I see and think I'm hot shit.

I know I'm not amazing looking or anything, but some days I think I look awesome. Some days I think I look like shit. It will define me during the day as well, if I think I look good, I act more confident and cocky (I'm not arrogant, but I just feel good). The days I don't look as great, I tend to be somewhat anti-social and try to blend in and not stand out.

I do have depression and anxiety, but ever since I've had anxiety it definitely overpowers my depression. But do any of you feel the same way? Can your mood actually affect the way you look? Obviously smiling and being happy is going to be more inviting than looking tired and annoyed.


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  • Our faces actually change depending on many factors. Sleep, hydration, level of sodium intake, showers , clothes and mood.
    To help always bring out the best of your face and hair make sure to :
    Put two cold spoons and tea bags over your eyes for 10 minutes every morning : place two spoons in your fridge. Let them sit overnight and place them over your eyes in the morning. Place two cooked tea bags in your fridge. Let them sit overnight and place them over your dark circles. You can also place a cold clean washcloth over your eyes for as long as you can. Massage underneath your eyes gently aswell.
    For hair - Make sure to wash your hair every other day with a good shampoo and condition. Comb your hair twice or three times a day and try not to touch it so much, many people do this and it causes messier and greasier hair.
    Sleep: Sleep the RIGHT amount. Do not oversleep and do not undersleep. Both are terrible.
    Water : make sure to drink plenty of water daily. But not too much.
    Sodium intake: try to limit your sodium intake for a better looking face. High intake of sodium causes bloated face and body, puffy eyes , cheeks and dark circles which makes you look uglier than usual.
    Clothes : Wear clothes that bring out your eyes and body. Wearing good fashionable clothing makes you look and feel better.
    Mood : obviously if you're in a bad mood you won't look in the mirror and find yourself super attractive. So try and be happy always (i know it's hard ) if you're feeling down listen to your favorite songs, take a walk - workout , smile, watch something funny, invite your friends over, go outside get , some fresh air, watch a movie etc. There is many things you can do to improve your mood.
    Good luck! Amd realize that this is 100% normal.


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  • That happens to me too!! I have my good days and sometimes not-so-great days. It's completely normal.

  • I'm pretty sure a lot of people feel that way. I do, at least.

  • I have anxiety and I deal with thia issue. I find my opinion of myself is more balanced when I stay away from sugar and if I exercised that day.

  • Emotions + moods effect self esteem + self perception.
    This is me also.
    Situation "normal"

  • Yes I feel you


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