U mirin my tiny waist?

U mirin my tiny waist?

Look at my shoulder to waist ratio bro. U mirin how small that waist is? I measured it and it's only 28 inches around. U mad that it's not even photoshopped? Just think of how much aesthetic potential I have with that bone structure, tiny waist and broad shoulder bones ftw.

Height: 6'4"

  • I'm mirin bro!
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lol thanks to everyone who is mirin... and thanks to the people who think it's photoshopped, that's also a compliment xD


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  • Lol. You remind me of myself younger. First started getting jacked from hard work in the gym, getting attention from women, compliments. Arrogant af lol, think you're ready to be on fucking magazine covers. Good work man, just stay humble. There's always a million people ahead of you, tons of people behind you too. Stay hungry for progress, STAY HUMBLE ✌

    • I thought I was everything because I thought i was the most aesthetic guy in the gym. Showed up at my first physique contest and got my ass handed to me!! There a million hot physiques, be humble, motivate others and lift other people up. Anyways, sorry for getting preachy this just reminds me of myself years ago

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    • np bro


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  • Nope but it's a good start!

    Your biceps and your legs could certainly use more muscle/mass.

    Where are the bulging trap muscles to suit the broad shoulders?

    Good luck!

    • Yeah I know my arms are lagging and so are my traps, but I disagree about the legs, I think they're one of my strong points.

      Keep in mind that this is only my natural physique. I just got back into lifting after quitting for 4 years, so I basically lost ALL of my gains. I don't think I'm huge or anything, just that I have an insane shoulder to waist ratio, which means I have that rare potential to be super aesthetic.

      Also keep in mind the fact that most of my shoulder width is nothing but bone structure, so imagine me when I put some serious size on those shoulders.

      Anyway, thanks for the compliment haha

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    • @ConsultantIsBack - Let's not say "lose" it's such an ugly word. You shall FAIL against me 😈 {{ Muwhahaha}} That better? 😏

      I *actually* thought about how that would work with me squatting as you leg press. XD

      Truthfully, I wouldn't be able to unless you went REALLY slow; and that would be torture on your legs.

      Alternative - Myself and my weights on your leg press. In-between your reps, you can spot me for squats. k? :]

    • I could spot you
      I could soo do that, for you

  • Mirin is a type of Japanese cooking sauce.

    • No no no, mirin is what you do when you look at the size of my waist compared to my shoulders haha

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    • Nope just the chicken breasts...

    • @AhGojira.. I eat chicken breasts 😂😅

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  • Mirin op

  • it looks like you're holding your breath lol. but yeah, you look strong.

    • I know why it looks like that lol. It's because I do these exercises called stomach vacuums where you suck your stomach in under your rib cage as much as possible, it actually shrinks your waist over time. It seems to have slightly given me that look permanently, even when I'm not vacuuming haha.

      That combined with the fact that I'm very big boned at the upper part of my torso, so I have a huge rib cage naturally. Anyway, thanks for the compliment ^^

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  • Got that Johnny bravo thing going there... the only thing i don't have are those back muscles... well, mine are not like that anyway.

    • U mean the lats bro? Those things just above the waist that come out and go up to the armpits?

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    • What sport did you play?

    • All of them. Did track and field too.

  • lol i like the confidence you have, that kind of attitude will get you places as long as you dont let it become a huge issue with your ego. but yeah good to se you confident

  • Looks a bit odd but I'd fuck ya <3

    • lol what do you mean by odd? You think it looks cartoonish how my shoulders are like that and then my waist is just tiny af?

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    • Well don't forget the most important part the butt

    • Yeah I got a booty, don't worry bout that lmao

  • I'd rather be morbidly obese with clogged arteries and on the verge of death rather than having a body like yours WITH THAT KIND OF ATTITUDE!

    • U mirin bro?

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    • Asker, you need to be humble like 'consultantisback' said. He does competitions, you should really take his advice into consideration.

    • @Smmyskittles The fact that he does competitions and has a better physique than me is irrelevant. He obviously has a different type of personality than me. He values modesty and I love being a cocky cunt haha. I don't see what's wrong with a bit of cockiness tbh.

  • I could still pick you up and throw you over my shoulder. So nope but getting there haha

    • Yeah I know I still have a lot of mass to gain but look how tiny my waist is. Now imagine how awesome that's gonna look in a few years when I fill out properly but still have that tiny waist. Gnomesaiyan brah?

    • I know exactly haha your a work in progress. Just keep at it!

    • Will do bro

  • u gay b

    • U mirin brah?

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    • Yeah he's probably looking down thinking "holy shit brah! this guy's gonna be better than i was"

    • take the torch , make him proud now