Which girl is your favorite #2 :P?

Since people seemed to like the first one I'll do another question This time with Girl's Generation (SNSD)

1. Tiffany

She just did her first Solo album and I really like this song what do you think?

Which girl is your favorite #2 :P ?
2. Taeyeon

She's cute but she's sooooooooo tiny wtf I'm always afraid she'll die of stravation or the wind will carry her away or something :P. She's the best singer in the group

3. Seohyun

4. Yuri

She's famous for her body and her sexy dancing skills :P But I wanna use the videos for something ese so look it up yourself ;)

5. Sunny aka cutest person evar (my favorite :P ) <3

Here she is on a tv how singing other people's songs

6. Yoona
She is considered the prettiest by pretty much everybody in Korea, they have very narrow beauty standards and there's always one girl that is just decided upon as the prettiest and if you disagree you're weird or something I don't know.

7. Hyoyeon
She's the sickest dancer in the group so I saved a video (you can see all members in this video but she does a solo in the middle)

8. Sooyoung

She's too tall and skinny with no curves for me but some people love her :)

There's only 7 options in polls so I can't do one would be unfair :P so pls comment your favorite.

comment plssss :P


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  • #5 SUNNY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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  • #4 seems the coolest.

  • tiffany <3

    • Do you like the song and her album? :)

    • yepp bae finally got her solo :)

    • She's totally number 2 after Sunny for me now :P I liked her before too but I had her tied now I give her number 2 solo haha ;)

  • #2 and #4, I really can't chose between them.

  • #2 she has a very unique look about her


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