How do you rate my boyfriend :) ?

This is my boyfriend, he is 6ft in height and he's a skinny guy. How do you rate him, do you think he looks good? what makes him attractive/unattractive. What can my boyfriend do to look better.
How do you rate my boyfriend :) ?

  • really good looking
    0% (0)8% (2)5% (2)Vote
  • good looking
    29% (5)19% (5)23% (10)Vote
  • average
    59% (10)42% (11)49% (21)Vote
  • below average
    12% (2)31% (8)23% (10)Vote
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  • Your opinion is what matters.

    • is it obvious that im the guy in the picture lol

  • You sure you listed the right age range (18-24)? Because he looks like he's somewhere between 14-16, especially in that second picture.

    • nah, im 17 actually lol

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    • Most of the time, when it's an anonymous female asking about a male, the conclusion is not that hard to draw.

    • yh lol, becuase i dont understand it because when im not pretending to be someone else i get a lot of people saying im average or above average. Do you guys are saying below average because they know im 'lying' about who i am :)

  • What? So now we need to rate your boyfriends as well? Women, smh


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