Girls, How did I get an attractive girl :) ?

Girls, How did I get an attractive girl :) ?
How did i get a model? Im in a relationship with one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! I dont know how!! Im 17 years old. 6ft 1 and 9 stone (tall skinny guy). Hopefully I've got another couple of inches to grow :). This is an average/everyday pic of me as i have to wear a suit at my college here in England. But my hair looks shit in this, normally its up.

Now i have nod idea if i am good looking/average/below average/ugly. Everybody's opinion is different. But Im a decent guy, im not overly nice. People say they like talking to me as im good at listening to people and am not a loud selfish person. Im a quiet and fairly confident person. Im a confident introvert if im honest :)

One thing that makes me very different from other people is that i am from a very rich family. However, i hide this wealth from people as i dont want people to see me as a cocky snobby rich kid, who is better then everyone. I hate it when people label me as the posh rich kid.

Anyway she can't be a gold digger as she found out my parents are rich way later on, and she doesn't ask me for like designer gifts etc. I know she likes the fact that im always able to fix a problem for her and give her sense when she needs it. When i first approached her after that we were both flirting with each other. I first spoke to her with the thought of us being friends.
Im not dure but how did i do it? Its crazy. Please answer the poll for me and share an opinion.

  • he's good looking
    43% (9)
  • he's average looking
    48% (10)
  • He must have an amazing personality
    9% (2)
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I'm a Girl
by amazing personality i mean in 'compensation' for not being the most attractive lol
i was squinting because it was rather bright


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  • What about just being happy you have her instead of wondering how you got her?

    • oh believe me i am happy :)

  • Good 😊👍

    • Thanks!!

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    • what? I am indian/sikh what did you think i was :)

    • look like ur face :)