Does my body fat look above 20 percent?

Does my body fat percentage look above 20 percent? I dont have money to get my body measured. How fat do I look?
Does my body fat look above 20 percent?


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  • Here you go again with another question about how you look. You need to give it a rest already but won't because you are too wrapped up in yourself. You want people to say what you want to hear. You look like an idiot. Give the BMI thin a rest already. It only includes height and weight. It does not take into account activity level. You could have a group if people with low activity level to high activity level and everyone could have the same BMI because of having the same height and weight. Why do you keep talking about you BMI and do not say many more times.

  • You look alright. Maybe yea around 20%

    • Am I suppose to have less body fat at my weight. Do I lack muscle? My BMI is 22. Am I supposed to have leaner body at my weight. Am I below average for my weight lacking muscle?

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    • I used BMI for you to understand my weight.

    • I guess I am a bad skinny fat. Worse than average body for my weight.