He called my butt 'fluffy'?

The guy I'm hooking up with called my butt fluffy- what does this mean? He said it was a compliment but usually isn't fluffy used as a nicer word for fat? There's no way he meant fat though lol- I have a pretty small butt and I only weigh 105 lbs and I'm 5'5. I know he likes my butt because he has told me he does and constantly touches it in bed, but what does this mean?


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  • Fluffy could mean it's soft, not exactly tight like a girl who works out. I don't think he means fat though.

    • I do work out but I had only started squatting with weights about a month before I started seeing him, so you could be right! thanks!

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    • Ahhh I see! I getcha now. There's no way my butt cheeks move THAT much, as my butt is small, but it definitely jiggles during sex when I'm on my stomach

    • Ok officially turned on now thanks for that mental image!!!

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  • That probably it's kind of soft? I mean you know how hard are fit butts

  • Some parts are supposed to be fat. Guys (generally) like relatively large breasts and butts with a relatively small waist. He was probably talking about you having nice proportions.

    I had a much weirder compliment today... I slept with a guy in an open relationship, then his girlfriend (who knew) came over and we all watched a movie together. Then they started teasing each other and at some point he said I gave way better head than her. Now she's mad at him. As someone who just got rid of braces I was just like lol I'll take that as a compliment.