Sooo... Chest hair or smooth chest? Ladies - what looks better? Fellas - what do you personally do?

This is me - first photo is my normal amt of chest hair (I don't shave or wax or anything). Second photo is me post hair-removal cream. I've never tampered with my chest hair before or even thought about it until a female recently stated she preferred smooth chests... Really? Is that the female consensus? 'Cos I gotta say - I couldn't be stuffed maintaining a hairless chest!!
Sooo... Chest hair or smooth chest? Ladies - what looks better? Fellas - what do you personally do?


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  • Your first one isn't even that bad, I wouldn't care either way.

    • Yeah look the photo isn't a great one in terms of giving a true representation of the amount of hair but I guess on the whole spectrum im probably on the less hairy side... LOL. I've just noticed a recent trend toward bare chestedness in younger blokes and its not something I am at all interested in doing to myself again let alone on a regular basis!! So it is good to see there isn't a huge preference towards hairless... thanks heaps for response!

    • Lol you're welcome! Yea seems like just a lot of work for not much gain especially because you don't have much to start off with.

    • Ha! No, YOU are awesome! Thanks for answering my question... I reckon there are some women out there who are all about bare chests and grossed out by chest hair and there are some women on the opposite extreme - love the chest hair and get grossed out by the bare chest probably thinking something along the lines of..."why would you?" So yeah good to know that its likely the majority don't care either way!!


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  • LOL sureeee... chest hair...
    You just wanted to post photos of you in your little speedos for all to see.

    • He isn't having chest hairs anyway! Lmao. He is being so whiny like girls are , when they hardly have any visible leg fuzz yet they whine ohhhh I didn't shave my hairy legs today! I mean wtf his dude is?

  • Why are you posting pictures of yourself in a speedo? No one wants to see that bro. Not even your mother.

    • Not EVEN my mother? LOL... this is all true what you say. However those aren't speedos they are just regular underpants. Just trying to get an idea about hair on men in this day and age... I see younger blokes waxing and all that stuff and I gotta say I would never be inclined or so inwardly focussed to do that. So it is heartening to see that there isn't a MASSIVE preference towards hairless... Again - apologies for the attire, in retrospect I could easily have worn shorts or something.

    • No one wants to see the outline of your flaccid penis. Cover that shit up.

    • Oh geeees when you put it like that... Im SORRY!! It won't happen again. Thats proper gross... I get it

  • smooth better

  • I prefer men with more hair than that. So i guess each lady likes men differently.

    • He isn't hairy to begin with ! Still he is so insecure. Lol.
      So you prefer a shag carpet on whole torso?😞

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    • Hey thanks :) Made my day! I wish you weren't anonymous so I could return the compliment but i'm going to assume that you ain't too hard on the eyes either!!

    • Your welcome and dcoolguy liked me lol. I went anonymous on here because some of the post because of him but im glad i did it fooled dcoolguy i changed my photo the other day, i dont like looking at me so much

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  • You have chest hairs? Okk. Dude then I am a monkey for sure!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Anyway sexy cock and balls. Can I caress and squeeze them for you? Hmmm

  • Hahahahaha