Guys... it s me again xD sry I am asking too many questions about my looks recently haha but I wanna ask a question about my haircut?

ok so I tried my mum s wig and I think it fits me pretty well no?
the bangs breaks a bit the roundness of my face. so based on the 2 pics on profile do you agree with me?
also if I wanna get those bangs will it look ugly on my curly hair?
cause I don t want to straighten my hair for ever, I just wanna shift between the two got it?

Beep 😛
Beep beep xD


Most Helpful Guy

  • The shape of your lovely face is part of what makes it so adorable. So it doesn't need any kind of work-around in my opinion. Having said that, you'd look amazing with either hair style. But I'd miss your curls for a bit until I got used to it.


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  • I like straight hair on you a lot. You can always pin the bangs back when you wear your hair curly if it doesn't look alright.


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