Super confused about the subjectiveness of beauty and opinions of people on Reddit?

I posted on the r/rateme subreddit and got rated much, much lower than most other girls. I guess I'm just wondering if most people are as harsh and judgmental as they are on Reddit, because that kinda scared me. Also, if I could talk to someone about this and show pictures through PM's that would also be really appreciated.


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  • Reddit is known to have a lot of crap on it, half the time people aren't being serious and are just trolling. I'd ignore it. Everyone is going to have slightly different ideas of what they find attractive, but the ones that are harsh or judgmental are just trying to be mean. Don't worry about it, I'm sure you're fine.


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  • LOL people are there to try to piss you off.
    I posted a pic on there for fun once and someone told me I was a '3/10 that looked like Mexican dog shit'
    don't take it seriously.

    • I guess; it's just that the same people who gave me like a 5 gave a lot of other girls 8's, and I didn't think they were necessarily thaaaat much above me.


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  • Just like others are saying, I wouldn't take reddit waaayyyyyy too seriously. Some people just like to be obnoxious and tear others down. Many of those types flock to places like reddit. That place gives mea headache anywhere.

    I'm sure you're pretty! Reddit users can f off. :)

  • You'll get skewed results on here too. everyon has diff standards.


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