Am I ugly or pretty and would you date me?

please dont be too harsh, honest opinions and no trolls. im really insecure and right now im brave enough to ask how i look.
am i ugly or pretty  and would you date me?

im Jamaican by the way dutty wine.

  • ugly
    38% (11)74% (20)55% (31)Vote
  • pretty
    62% (18)26% (7)45% (25)Vote
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  • she said be honest soooo...

    Fix yo hair why there is that ugly space in the middle. Style it to cover it or, i never say this, but get weave. Dont you ever leave the house with your hair like that

    Fix your smile it dont look right.

    p. s. I like the shirt

    • well um i thought it looked ok, i dont have a lot of hair so yh and i didn't want to shock myself with the weave glue chemicals. p. s i already left

    • yeah i dont know much about weave but get it. I know a lot of girls are living with weave. if you dont go to the doctor or something. That hair needs to be fixed asap

    • so basically this poll shows us how girls bullshit on these questions to help people feel better


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  • Looks like Moses part your hair and forgot to put it back.. xD...
    And and hair and teeth are like the school dances where girls stand on one Side and boys on the other with space in the middle.. 😂😂
    Just take get a haircut.. and take care of yourself.. 😄

  • You're not ugly, but you don't know how to take care of your appearance.
    Take care of your hair, wear makeup, have s better angle, you'll see, it would make a huge difference!

  • You face is beautiful it's the hair that is off putting. You could shave if off, you've got the bone structure for it and I'm certain it would look good. Then try letting it grow back on it's own so everything is nice and even. Don't listen to anyone who tells you to get a weave, a weave makes people bald.

  • Honestly I think you are a beautiful woman and I am bisexual. Here's what I have realized about beauty... the only thing that is universally beautiful is health and youth. I think that is why there are comments on your hair, maybe people feel it's not healthy. But only you would know. Are you taking the very best care of yourself, inside and out? If so, then shine on! If not, you deserve better. There is ALWAYS going to be an imperfection... the goal is NOT to be perfect... the goal is to maximize what you have... also here's another thing I have figured out... when you are in real life in person (not on some computer screen where everybody is going to be "brutally honest"--the internet has corrupted this concept because humans were never meant to be anonymous like they can be online)---when you are in real life, people take cues from YOU on how beautiful you are. YOU are the authority and judge on that. You get to decide. Then you teach them. That is why if you act beautiful and confident, people will assume you are. It's about the treatment you expect. I think it is very brave you did this and that is beautiful to me. When you are strong on the inside it shows and blends in with your looks. So every time I saw you sticking up for yourself in a calm way you looked more physically beautiful to me. Take the best care of yourself you can and have the grace and strength to still love the things you can't change. Then a good man will be inspired by that and think you are the most gorgeous woman ever. Because it is rare.

  • Its your character that makes you ugly or pretty at the end, so don't worry and be yourself.

  • Yeah I've definitely seen people who are much uglier. You be got a lot of potential so don't be so insecure c:

    • potential for what?

    • potential is short for potential to look better. I was about to ask under my post are from Jamaica, cause im haitian, well my parents are from haiti

  • You have potential.