So how do I look, I want honest answers rather it be good or bad?

So how do I look, I want honest answers rather it be good or bad?

I know I look young, and I am... But a comment would be nice too! and if you're gonna say something bad don"t be to harsh haha "But no seriously" be honest, and thanks a lot everyone! :)

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You're super adorable

    • Aww thank you! and what do you exactly mean by that haha? but thank you for the comment! :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Cute kid. If you are a nice guy and have a bright future you can date my sister

    • Trust be when I say this, I've always been a "Nice" or "Good" guy! I mean don't get me wrong, I don't let people walk over me like nothing, but I always try to do whats right... and there will be a bright future ahead of me, it has and forever will be! :) But about your sister haha... ;)

    • Tall, wick smart, kind, friendly, creative and studying neuroscience (yr 1)

    • @atomique Wait, so she is in college studying neuroscience for her 1st year! That's great! :) Also being tall and creative is nice, and intelligence alongside kindness is always good!


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What Girls Said 4

  • You are average, to be honest.

    • Haha thank you, at least your being honest with me, and honesty is key like I wanted! but thanks for the comment! :)

  • I think you're cute, like, in a good way.

    • You think so? Aww thank you! You're not so bad your self, I'm not gonna lie ;) but thanks again for the comment! :)

    • haha thanks :)

  • You look cute.

    • Thank you! and I think you look cute too, and its in the "good way" ;) But thank you for the comment! :)

  • You are adorable! <3

    by the way I know it says I'm old but I'm actually 15 :P

    • Is that a good thing? Haha, thank you <3 & I see, 15 years old huh. Well I'm turning 16 in a few months (August) :P So you know... and thanks for the comment! :)

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    • Aww you're so sweet ❤ Thank you very much :) and thats great, happy early birthday to you as well!!

    • Your response makes me smile :) Thank you <3

What Guys Said 2

  • Looks fine to me

    • Thanks man, I appreciate the comment! :)

  • you look good man

    • Haha thanks man! I appreciate the comment very much, and you look good too! :)

    • no prob and thanks :)